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Why growth capital investors tend to prefer lower capital intensity businesses.

When it comes to raising capital from growth capital investors, there are certain characteristics of a business that make one opportunity relatively more attractive than the next. One of those characteristics is the capital intensity of the business, which refers to the proportion of fixed assets that the business relies on to produce its... Read More

WPP AUNZ’s New CEO Set To Start.

It’s not going to be an easy gig. Jens Monsees is set to begin his new role as CEO of local media, marketing and advertising giant WPP AUNZ. The appointment follows in the immediate aftermath after the local arm of the global group announcing a $253m half-year loss. CFSG Associate Director Jason Rose was recently interviewed by trad... Read More

Why WeWork Doesn’t Work.

This article about the failed WeWork IPO was written by CFSG Associate Director Jason Rose and originally appeared in SmartCompany. — The recent decision by The We Company, parent of shared working space operation WeWork, to pull its high-profile IPO has led to a massive outpouring of vitriol against the business and its high-profil... Read More

How Investors Value Growth Companies

A common question we receive from company owners looking to raise capital is how investors value growth companies. Sometimes it is just as important to understand how they don’t go about it as it is to know how they do. We were recently talking to a company in the environmental services space that was considering raising capital. It... Read More

How To Set The Size Of A Capital Raising.

A key question any company contemplating a capital raising needs to answer is just how much capital it should raise. In our experience, a company founder seeking advice on this topic will receive one of at least two cliched responses. The first recommendation is to simply raise as much capital as possible. There are certainly advantages t... Read More

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