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Marketing Growth Engine – Why Your Start-Up Or Early-Stage Business Needs One

CFSG Ventures, the venture capital arm of the Concept Financial Services Group, focuses on investing in start-up and early-stage business to help them grow fast. Our differentiator is that we not only provide the capital young companies need to grow but also the know-how to build a marketing growth engine – an efficient, predictable and... Read More

Understanding Due Diligence In M&A Transactions.

In any merger & acquisition transaction, the prospective buyer is potentially exposing themselves to significant risks. If the target fails to perform as expected or yields unanticipated liabilities, the acquisition can do enormous financial and reputational damage. As a result, prior to completing any acquisition a prudent acquirer w... Read More

Building A Best Practice Start-Up Financial Model

There is a school of thought that building a start-up financial model is a waste of time. The thinking goes that start-ups are so inherently uncertain that any financial model that aims to predict a company’s future performance is inevitably going to be so “out” that it will be useless. This reasoning is half-right. Start-ups are in... Read More

Financial Position: How To Tell Your Company’s Financial Story

If you are a business owner considering engaging with an investor or an acquirer, you need to be able to succinctly explain your company’s financial position – tell your business’ financial story. The financial story of your business is a comprehensive summary of your company’s past financial performance and current financ... Read More

Managing An Unsolicited Acquisition Approach

Everyone who starts a company shares dreams of an unsolicited acquisition approach: that one day they are going to get a knock on the door and standing there will be a smiling Sergei Brin and Larry Page from Google with a giant cheque in their hands. And you, the company founder, are going to look them square in the eye and greet them wit... Read More

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