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WPP AUNZ’s New CEO Set To Start.

It’s not going to be an easy gig. Jens Monsees is set to begin his new role as CEO of local media, marketing and advertising giant WPP AUNZ. The appointment follows in the immediate aftermath after the local arm of the global group announcing a $253m half-year loss.

CFSG Associate Director Jason Rose was recently interviewed by trade publication mUmBRELLA for his views on the challenges facing Monsees. In the piece Rose argues that, “Ultimately it’s a battle for the ear of the CMO and CEO. Who they are going to listen to when it comes to prioritising spend? The consultancies are more savvy and experienced at having those high-level conversations. They can distil those conversations into language that appeals to the risk averse, bean-counter nature of the CEO, CFO and CMOs. That is the competitive advantage of consultancies,” Rose said.

“I see CEOs who are not particularly comfortable with creativity as they see it as something potentially risky, particularly as we are becoming more risk averse as a culture. If you say something left or right of mainstream opinion today, you run the risk of being obliterated on social media. They are far more comfortable spending money on technology platforms. That is what they are gravitating towards.”

To read the full article and more of Jason’s comments, click here.

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